More than “Just Another Fitness Guy”

In an industry that is growing daily, it is so easy to get lost in the confusion of who to talk to about your own health and fitness needs. When you have thousands, if not millions, of people on Instagram who are flashing their bodies trying to sell that they can give you the same exact body. It sounds like a great product. It sounds like exactly what you want.

Three years ago, I was desperate to find the exercise program that would give me that perfect body. Chiseled abs. Strong pecs. Cut arms. Being at nearly 25% body fat and a former 3-sport athlete in high school, I was very unhappy with where I was at with my health. I hated wearing jeans for the fact that mine were tight on me. I preferred wearing sweat pants whenever I could do it.

About a year later I began learning about supplements and how they can affect the body. I learned about how recovery in body could speed up with the right supplements. I learned about how supplements react when in the body, and being someone who loves chemistry, this fascinated me.

I lost 30 lbs. of fat that spring from proper training, nutrition, and supplementation. The science of exercise blew me away that I set out to continuously self-educate myself through research articles, documentaries, and scientific talks.

Finally, in January of this year I began studying for the NASM certified personal trainer exam. A lot of the basic information I was aware about but NASM really took my thinking to another level with having a focus on correcting postural alignment and improving biomechanics of clients. When I took the test - note that NASM is considered one of the hardest personal training exams - it took 25 minutes to complete and pass it! I was ecstatic to finally be certified as a personal trainer, but I am still hungry for more. I am still hungry to continuously learn and use the most up-to-date science to improve my clients' bodies and lives...