Personal Training

A free consultation and fitness assessment with every inquiry, get guidance on every aspect of your workout from how exercises are to be performed and mental cues to education on the benefits of each exercise. With training from a nationally accredited institution, you will be receiving professional services throughout your entire workout. This is more than your average trainer just telling you a rep count and leaving you to figure the rest out. It's a professional trainer who cares for your body and will motivate you to success.

Online Training

Can't make personal training sessions? Perhaps you're not even in Ohio?  That is all right! Through online programming I can provide you the tools you need to be successful and achieve the strong body that you want. A month program that is specific to you, including a schedule, detailed workouts, and a thorough exercise glossary that will answer every question you have about the exercises you perform. You will also have nutrition and supplementation advice, along with 24-hour contact information so that you can get help from me whenever and wherever.


Now Is The Time!

So make the choice today and get set up with your personal fitness plan!